Tree Tales

Love beckons again. O my clad in white and pink, dame! I’m back in my blooming hues, Where the hell are you! Feels just like yesterday, Or last spring it was? You flirted with me from your balcony, Smiled and made gestures. That’s how season one, Of our romance begun! And then, One bright sunny… Continue reading Tree Tales

Celebrating Women · Poetry · Soiling Stereotypes · womanhood

My Six Yards Are My Cape!

Watch video: https://youtu.be/rFtFY7eNisY My silver troops are marching on, Gallantly in all their glory. As I feel them in my crown, Each strand seems like saying, 'Come, sit na, I’ll tell you my story!'   The lines on my forehead, The freckles on my cheeks, That crease around my neck, As I caress them all… Continue reading My Six Yards Are My Cape!