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My Voice

Two years of wielding the mics and making out with them and its been the most exhilarating journey of my life. I have woken up and how to the power of words, a strong voice and a warm connect across genders and generations. When my listeners reach out to me and say that they find… Continue reading My Voice

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#Arranged Love

If it is my ground, it has to be his skies. If it is my pastels, it has to be his brights. if it is my soft steps, there have to be his gritty strides.

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My Six Yards Are My Cape!

Watch video: My silver troops are marching on, Gallantly in all their glory. As I feel them in my crown, Each strand seems like saying, 'Come, sit na, I’ll tell you my story!'   The lines on my forehead, The freckles on my cheeks, That crease around my neck, As I caress them all… Continue reading My Six Yards Are My Cape!

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Banter Between Generations

Watch video: Mother The balloons swayed slowly, And gave me a defiant gaze. The stony silence of my house, Stifled tons of guilt. The pitter-patter of September raindrops, Unleashed sarcasm, As if saying, “Try being a good mother’ For today at least”    Son AAH! Was that my last birthday MY 15th one? My… Continue reading Banter Between Generations

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A mother, a girl, a woman

Watch video: Thirty Nine!Nay! That’s not my age.And that possibly cannot be my weight.Yes, it was this girl’s.And today I start her story,Back from some three and a half decades.As thin as a straw,She could get lost in a crowd of one,But she stood out always.As a daughter who wanted to be right,As a… Continue reading A mother, a girl, a woman


@ndgurmeharwonttweet: trolled into silence

Just a few months back, I accidentally clicked on a silent video. A young girl’s restrained silence seethed through the innards of my heart. Every placard she held up reflected some pain, some anguish. A daughter of a martyred father holding up a placard saying she had less, if any, memories of the father and… Continue reading @ndgurmeharwonttweet: trolled into silence


Size and its matters ;-)

From a famished 39 to a staggering 69, Voila! I have seen the best and worst of both the worlds by now! Read here


Date thy soul…shun all guilt!

A decade and a half back, I stepped into a new world nimble feet with beautiful dreams and was welcomed warmly by a gush of lovely people and wonderful relations. It was like a perfect treasure dished out for me. Some of it, from my world as a little girl and some from the new… Continue reading Date thy soul…shun all guilt!


What a Devil of a mom you were…Mama!

Your odyssey as a mother could get a real wacky start, if you are a girl who has grown up on set stereotypes. Stereotypes that are so theatrically heralded by our Hindi movies and daily soaps. From the day we decided we were ready for a baby, I started fantasizing myself 'passing out' dramatically in… Continue reading What a Devil of a mom you were…Mama!


‘Faith’ful Miles!

An aged grandmother sitting in the courtyard glowing in the grandeur of her white clothes, milky hair, a loving gaze holding a Gutka (religious book having banis and verses) and reciting verses from the Banis (compiled verses) the whole day. A father who appeared to be an atheist but would never miss chanting the mool… Continue reading ‘Faith’ful Miles!