Colours on my canvas…

The colors on my canvas….are not my own,

 The colors on my canvas come from varied zones!

A part of the canvas has all soft and pastel hues,

They come from a fairy queen God mother,

 Such a compassionate soul!

Thou was there to hold me when I went through my baby steps,

With that boundless love …you showered on me,

Am for life overwhelmed and ………drenched!

Yet again U were there by me in my later lissome steps,

You would never utter a word,

Yet your warm gaze would tell me that those were ‘the’ steps……

You bestowed me with some precious gems,

And from them I ‘draw’ each day and still my kitty is ever intact….


“Your loneliness would never leave you amidst all the noisy crowds,

If your ‘inner self’ was not satiated and ever so beautifully right”…

Even though miles separate us…your gems are always by my side .

Another part of my canvas has all bright and luminous hues,

They come from a friendly and vibrant soul….

As u walked in and splashed some of your vivid tones,

I felt I was just blinded by all the shimmer around,

But as I looked back at my canvas,

 I just fell in love with all that radiance,

My feet could walk the ‘right steps’…

You told them they could dance as well…

At first they were hesitant…

Later they discovered their new self.

My soul……………… that was in bliss,

All happy and engrossed with the inner peace,

 Was just waiting to be tapped by your finger tips…

The ‘silence’ was always so soothing,

Yet the melodies, jingles and noises,

Were somethings with which I fell in love,

From a loner and a solitary reaper,

Got drawn towards the chatter of my whole new world…

Thus…my smiles became laughter…

And those whispers got some 😉 pitch.

I still yearn for that little space,

Still can’t do without those quite moments…

For they give me that wonderful solace..

But as I look at my canvas,

It is all merged and submerged in the colors from my two worlds.





It is as if, they were always ….MY OWN!!!!

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