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A mother, a girl, a woman

Watch video: https://youtu.be/OOGD5NDtDpA Thirty Nine!Nay! That’s not my age.And that possibly cannot be my weight.Yes, it was this girl’s.And today I start her story,Back from some three and a half decades.As thin as a straw,She could get lost in a crowd of one,But she stood out always.As a daughter who wanted to be right,As a… Continue reading A mother, a girl, a woman


Keep Calm Maa… I’ve just turned 13!

Every year just before your birthday, I compulsively go through a plethora of emotions. Year after year, reliving the moments when you arrived, rolling your eyes, looking dazed and amazed, while being bounced around by paternal and maternal elders. My emotions have always been quite quirky; either too early or too late. Late they were,… Continue reading Keep Calm Maa… I’ve just turned 13!