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A mother, a girl, a woman

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 Thirty Nine!
Nay! That’s not my age.
And that possibly cannot be my weight.
Yes, it was this girl’s.
And today I start her story,
Back from some three and a half decades.

As thin as a straw,
She could get lost in a crowd of one,
But she stood out always.
As a daughter who wanted to be right,
As a student so meticulous and bright.
You know, literature was her first love,
But back then it was like an unemployed boyfriend.
Keynes looked like the perfect suitor,
The subject she chose to pursue and master.

As they say,
An arranged marriage of sorts.
Where you find love on the way.
Aah yes! Love also she found,
When she got married later in the day!
From Geeky Economics professor,
To a strong and poised administrator,
Perfectly logical outcomes,
Of what all she had mastered.
Nothing was kept waiting,
Meticulous you see.
Somewhere on the flight,
She got an egg clicked right.
And bore a boy- an absolute absolute delight.

Isn’t this all perfect and so impeccably right.
Then what was it that nibbled her inside,
A strange strong emptiness,
Or something like Diminishing marginal Happiness.
So one fine sunny morning,
She hung her boots.
Leisurely mornings made way’
Into the arms of warm afternoons,
Blissful evenings went ‘making out’ with her favorite authors.
But nothing could beat the joy,
Of seeing her chubby boy,
Zoom up to be a lanky teenager,
Fearless, witty and never shy.

Imagine the other day I met her,
After two and a half decades.
And the first thing I asked her,
Lady! you left all of your economics?
All that you had mastered?
She giggled like a school girl!
She smiled and said.
‘Nay! I now use it to study my own trends and statistics!
Way beyond 39 she was,
She said ‘Look”
“My marginal curves have made way for parabolas,
My asset classes are roaring.”
I’m a flourishing economy,
On the side-swings and soaring.
I asked her “Aren’t you bothered by these dis-economies
of scale?”
“Not a wee bit”, she said
“Having seen the scarcity of being utterly frail!”
“69 is my new favorite and I’m loving it” she said.
See ..I too got it wrong again!
She was just talking about her gross gains!
I still wanted to pester,
“What else do you do?” I asked her.
“I flirt” she said. With such guts.
Good heavens I thought,
This once upon a sane woman has certainly gone nuts!
“I flirt with words O girl,
“I’m now a writer, a blogger’
Known for my quirky thoughts,
While writing and enacting,
I discovered,
Humor was my real G Spot”.

Then she got stopped and sighed.
“Life has come a full circle”, she said.
“Today I see my son,
Eyes laden with dreams,
Chasing new academic streams,
Like his mother was decades back.”
“And I do ponder.
If ever he decides to step back,
Pace down his stride,
Or explore some new beautiful side.
Will I let the mother in me override?
Will I dish out thumb rules?
To make him just abide.
Or will I then be the friend by his side!”
No points for guessing who the girl is on this ride!

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