Muchas Gracias…


Muchas Gracias 2011

A glance back, 2011 seemed to have dished out a lavish spread;

Celebrations that left us enthralled

Little setbacks taught us to move on.

That good news that made us gleefully smile at life,

Sadly some that shook that faith for a while.

Waiting eagerly to welcome a new life,

Helpless at another one just sink by.

Few bridges crossed

A few fences built.

Handful of opportunities lost

A few blissfully grabbed and savored.

Relations; many relished, some endured

Some chose to walk with us,

A few others walked all over us,

Some walked past and lost touch,

While others left imprints that still warm the heart.

Few cozy conversations went on and on….others just didn’t pull beyond.

A rush of naughty glances, warming ups, some cold shrugs, heated discussions and warm hugs.

To the almighty; bless us with the courage to sail through storms,

Shower upon us sanity to be humbled by windfalls and not to get swept off.

A heartfelt gratitude for the year gone by!

Let’s look forward to savor and welcome what 2012 unfolds!

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