On your 11th one…

Every time I prepare to roar ,’No cricket practice in the house’, the mummy of my little baby holds me back as if warning, ‘ Better control yourself lady,for you are going to miss this too ! As you miss his cute blabbering, his wobbly walk, his crawling and then tugging on to your legs or even his messy throwing up after gulping that bottle of milk.’

As I see you reach my shoulders today, I see a young boy wanting to take his own little decisions, expressing his opinions; at times so eagerly making tea when I have a headache or tiding up the house with me when unexpected guests prepare to land. On umpteen little things, my eyes well up and as I hold my head high, I do hide that gulp in my throat wondering where did that little baby go?

Not that I have stopped roaring or ranting. At the end of the day, when you come and manage to fleece me with your most innocently pleading smile and say ‘ Today your baby will sleep with you..and that’s final…na !’ I pretend to frown but succumb to a wide smile, for I know that my little baby is still around.

These eleven years as you were growing to be a big boy, the mom in me was growing each day- at times wondering, most of the times learning, also experimenting, somewhere failing, somewhere succeeding but Yes….loving you and your growing up ….all along !!

Happy 11th birthday Hamraaz

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